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Our Team


Airfrost Air Conditioning & Refrigeration is a fully licensed and insured business, offering professional services to Sydney NSW residents and businesses. Our aspiration is centered on offering the best customer satisfaction, quality, service and products.


Our teams are fully conversant and trained on the following systems:


Full Building VRV and VRF Air Conditioning Systems, Commissioning, Draining & Metal Ducts

Split Systems  - Home Ducting Design - Cassettes - Heat Pumps

Cool Room - Freezer Room




Service & Maintenance



Even the best, reliable and advanced systems need regular maintenance to keep them running efficiently and avoid costly repairs and replacements.


We offer many levels of maintenance products. Call us and we can select the perfect level of maintenance based on how critical the system is, your budgets and even the system's working environment. We take into account many factors and decide how often maintenance is needed, each of these decisions saving you money, time and a reliable and running system with no interruption.

Contact Us

For Sales, Service & Installation

Bob: 0488 243 688


 Our air conditioning installation lets you create the temperature and humidity at which you feel at your best, no matter what the season or time of year. Correctly designed and tailored for your individual working environment, our installations can in certain circumstances produce no or little draught discomfort - everything is quietly done in the background. You know you've got the best air conditioning when you can forget it's there. Quiet unobtrusive air conditioning can enhance any working environment, helping your employees to keep their cool and get the results you are looking for.


Our approach is totally flexible - we have installed systems from total building VRV (2 & 3 Pipe) to small single office wall units.

All our Projects are installed with a full parts and labour warranty backed by the manufacturer.

Our dedicated maintenance department provides a full after sales service with contracts to suit each environment.

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