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Service & Maintenance


Even the best reliable and advance systems need regular maintenance to keep them running efficiently and avoid costly repairs and replacements.


We offer many levels of maintenance products. Call us and we can select the perfect level of maintenance based on how critical the system is and your budgets and even the systems working environment. We consider lots of factors to decide how often to maintain refrigeration or air conditioning equipment and each decision can save you money and reliable system running.


Preventative Maintenance:


■ Monthly , quarterly, half yearly or yearly comprehensive preventative maintenance.

■ These maintenances include full inspection of refrigeration and air conditioning systems.

■ Checking and cleaning of any filtration and drain lines.

■ Checking refrigerant and oil levels, noise, vibration issues, temperature consistency, determining compressor and fan amperage.

■ Overall wellbeing of system including wear, rust and report on possible future issues.

One off Maintenance


■ Simple one off preventative maintenance in which the customer will call to book in (usual beginning of every summer or winter).

Condition Maintenance


■  To make sure your system is running correctly we can check your system for temperature and performance, and show you how well your system is performing.

Also provide any maintenance or repairs required to optimise your system performance.

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